What is Swipe Out Hunger?

By Lauren Goldberg, October 24, 2021

Swipe Out Hunger is Back!  What is it?  Glad you asked!

Swipe Out Hunger is a national, student-led initiative seeking to end food insecurity on campuses.  On our campus students are easily able to both donate and receive meal passes through a simple, anonymous process. 

To combat food insecurity on our campus, in a mutual aid model, students with unlimited meal plans can offer up 2 of their guest meal passes this semester by simply filling out this form. This semester, with fewer guests coming to campus, put those guest passes that come with your meal plans to great use!  That's right- if you live on campus and have the "full" meal plan, you have 3 free guest meal passes you might not even know about.  Don't let them go to waste.

Sharing your extra swipes takes less than 30 seconds

Students who would like to secure meal swipes can simply contact Student Financial Services at sfs@ithaca.edu to receive packages of 15 meal swipes put onto your card.  Students can use this resource at any dining location, and "reload" more than once- as needed!  You do NOT need to be on a meal plan to receive meal swipes.

We believe that healthy, accessible food is a basic human right, and that ensuring that everyone in our IC family are afforded that right is at the foundation of who we are as a campus community.  Across the country, 1 in 5 students regularly skip meals, having to prioritize other costs associated with college. This time, more than ever, we NEED you to share your swipes! 

For more information about the program on our campus check out our FAQs.

For more about Swipe Out Hunger as a national organization read here.