Fall Semester Course Withdraw Deadline: 10/29

By Kate Miller, October 27, 2021


The Course Withdraw deadline is this Friday, October 29th, at 5pm.  To withdraw from a course, visit the Office of the Registrar Student Forms website and select the Withdraw from Course Fall/Spring form.

Keep in mind that Withdrawing from a course:

  • will not impact your semester status of full-time, even if withdrawing from the course drops you below 12 credits (undergraduate) or the full-time requirements of your graduate program;
  • can impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress, which is how Student Financial Services tracks your path to graduation;
  • can impact your future time-tickets if you do not earn 15 credits on average each Fall and Spring semester; 
    • First-year: 0-29.9 credits earned
    • Sophomore: 30-59.9 credits earned
    • Junior: 60-89.9 credits earned
    • Senior: 90+ credits earned
  • will keep the course on your transcript with a grade of "W" that does not impact your GPA.

Withdrawing from a course can be a difficult decision.  Always consult with your faculty advisor (listed on your Degreeworks Evaluation) and Student Financial Services prior to withdrawing from a course to ensure your graduation plan stays on track and that no surprises arise related to your college costs.

Have questions about the Course Withdraw form?  Contact the Office of the Registrar (607.274.3127 or registrar@ithaca.edu).