Update on JED Process and Healthy Minds Survey Results

By Bonnie Prunty, November 3, 2021

Learn about the steps we have taken in the JED process including an opportunity to attend a presentation of the Healthy Minds Survey Results

In 2020, Ithaca College began a partnership with the JED Foundation, whose mission is to strengthen mental health, substance misuse, and suicide prevention programs and systems within educational spaces.  The JED process is a four-year strategic partnership which allows our campus to assess and enhance the work already being done, as well as foster positive, systemic change both on campus and in the greater community.

Health Minds Survey:

The first step of this work was to form a Task Force, chaired by CAPS Director, Brian Petersen, and to engage in a self-study with the goal of administering the Healthy Minds Survey during the spring 2021 semester.  This annual survey asks students to honestly convey their experiences of mental wellness support at IC, to identify aspirations and areas for community change, and to discuss how their experience at Ithaca College is impacting them emotionally.  

From March 2-23, 2021, the campus survey was completed with 1,226 students participating. The survey results indicated that 84% of participants reported feeling the need for mental health support services and 60% reported that they had received services at some point in the past.

Only 2% of students reported that they would perceive someone negatively for having received services.  This suggests a positive mental health culture.  When combined with strong awareness of the availability of resources, 86%, it suggests that the Ithaca College campus is a place where students feel comfortable seeking out support for mental health concerns.

We are inviting members of the campus community to attend an open meeting where the Health Minds Survey results will be shared in much more detail on November 10 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. You can join this zoom presentation using this link.

Work in Process/ Volunteers Needed:

The JED committee has been broken into four working groups focusing on each of the major goals for this year. Each of these groups seeks some additional members to help support their efforts towards accomplishing these outlined goals. The working groups are:

Faculty-Staff Training – Co-chairs: Marsha Dawson & Sasha Lerner

Student Engagement/Outreach - Co-chairs: Ron Trunzo & Ananya Gambhiraopet

Stigma Reduction – Co-chairs: Emmy LoBrutto

Strategic Planning – Co-chairs: Bonnie Prunty & Sean Reilley

If you are interested in learning more about the work of any of these groups and/or would like to volunteer to assist, please contact the co-chairs for that working group directly.