By Sarah House, November 18, 2021

Take courses required for the Education Studies Minor and Teach in Five Pathway  ONLINE ASYNCHRONOUS through Ithaca College during the WINTER 2022 SESSION (January 3 - 14, 2022) FROM HOME! To register, go to https://www.ithaca.edu/homer-connect and search for either the course number, name, or CRN.

EDUC 21010: Educational Psychology (CRN 30012) explores the study of human development from infancy through adolescence, including cognitive and behavioral approaches to learning in the context of school and other instructional situations. Contact Dr. Christine Havens-Hafer at chavenshafer@gmail.com for more information about the course.

EDUC 23900: Educating Students with Special Needs in Diverse Classrooms (CRN 30013): introduces future educators to special populations of children encountered in diverse mainstream classrooms. Considers the characteristics of various special populations and reviews federal mandates, legal issues, family issues, school personnel collaboration, and education methodologies. Contact Marcy Sutherland at msutherland1@ithaca.edu for more information about the course.

EDUC 34000: Social and Cultural Foundations of Education (30011) combines historical, philosophical, sociological, and anthropological perspectives to investigate contemporary social and cultural issues in education and teaching. Provides preparation for critically reflective decision making and for working effectively with diverse students and communities. Contact Dr. Shuzhan Li at sli3@ithaca.edu for more information about the course.

Online registration will remain open for add/drop by matriculated students until 11:59 pm January 3, 2022.