Jason Freitag (History) publishes on empires and diversity in World History Connected. 

By Jonathan Ablard, November 22, 2021

Jason Freitag (History) has published “Empires and Diversity: Inclusion and Control in Roman, Mughal and Ottoman Polity” in the current issue of World History Connected: 18:3, October/November 2021. 

This paper briefly examines select ideas of diversity and inclusion, and their relationships to forms of control, in the Roman, Mughal, and Ottoman empires, and demonstrates some of the historical processes by which empires embrace cultural difference as a pragmatic element of their growth, stabilization, and consolidation of power.  The paper argues that an administrative logic of inclusion is well-suited to moments of geographical spread and political stabilization.  Finally, the paper presents some possibilities for understanding diversity and inclusion within world empires and what they can show us for discussions of diversity in the contemporary world. 

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