Patricia Zimmermann invited speaker at i-Docs Event at the University of the West of England

By Karen Armstrong, November 22, 2021

Patricia Zimmermann, Charles A. Dana Professor of Screen Studies and Director of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, was the invited speaker for the i-Docs Special Event at the University of the West of England on November 17.

This online event was the international book launch of Kate Nash’s Interactive Documentary: Theory and Practice (2021).  Zimmermann interviewed Nash about the innovations and interventions elaborated in this book about the ways in which new media documentary both evolves from long histories of analog documentary but also significantly alters and changes its vectors.

The i-Docs Project is a research strand within the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of the West of England in Bristol. 

It is key node in the international field of interactive documentary, an expansive definition embracing the many different kinds of work that are emerging such as web-docs, transmedia documentaries, serious games, cross-platform docs, locative docs, docu-games, pervasive media.

At the heart of i-Docs as theory and practice is the question: what opportunities emerge as documentary becomes something that is co-created?