Davis UWC Projects for Peace Summer 2022 Initiative

By Mary Nann, December 16, 2021

As a Davis United World College (UWC) Scholars Program partner school, Ithaca College undergraduate students are eligible to participate in the Projects for Peace initiative.

Projects for Peace is an initiative for all undergraduate students (including seniors) currently enrolled at one of the participating Davis United World College Scholars Program partner schools (and a few other institutions) to design grassroots projects for the summer of 2022 - anywhere in the world - which promote peace and address the root causes of conflict among parties. Applicants are encouraged to use their creativity to design projects and employ innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on conflict resolution, reconciliation, building understanding and breaking down barriers which cause conflict, and finding solutions for resolving conflict and maintaining peace. Projects will be selected for funding at $10,000 each.

Projects for Peace was created in 2007 through the generosity of Kathryn W. Davis, a lifelong internationalist and philanthropist who died in 2013 at 106 years of age. She is the mother of Shelby M.C. Davis whose family funds the Davis UWC Scholars Program. Mrs. Davis’ legacy lives on through the continuation of Projects for Peace, sparking initiatives for building prospects for peace in the world. The Davis family and friends believe, like Mrs. Davis did, that today’s youth—tomorrow’s leaders—ought to be challenged to formulate and test their own ideas.

If you have questions or would like more detailed information about the Projects for Peace proposal requirements, please contact us at mes@ithaca.edu.

Additional information including what projects have been done in the past can be found on the Projects for Peace website at http://www.davisprojectsforpeace.org/.

We are hopeful that, given IC students’ passions for championing progress and meaningful change in the world, many of you will apply.



Laurie M. Koehler

Vice President, Marketing and Enrollment Strategy

Projects for Peace Campus Liaison