Waitlist Knowledge: the Easiest Break Homework

By Kate Miller, December 17, 2021

Thank you for registering for a waitlist seat! As we near the corner to break, we wanted to send a friendly reminder that the waitlist notifications do not take a break.

What to do if you receive a waitlist notification:

If you do receive a waitlist notification, please go ahead and register for the course within the 24 allotted hours.

  • Go into your registration and click the drop down and change it from “waitlist” to “web registered/registered” 
  • Click submit.  
  • You will know you are registered for the class if the status says “registered”
  • You can view the course on the color grid on class schedule
  • Always check degree works

Please check out our Waitlist How To Guide to learn more!

Getting an Error?

If you are waitlisted for a course and you get a waitlist notification that a spot has opened and you try to register for it, but you are getting an error message, make sure that you see what the error message means.

You can check out our Understanding Registration Error Messages guide for more information regarding error messages.  Depending on the error message, you will have to fill out a course registration override form on IC workflow.

And remember...

We know you are so excited for break, but please keep an eye out on your IC email address for a waitlist notification so you don’t miss a chance to get into the course!

If you have questions, please reference the above guides!  The Office of the Registrar will not be open starting 12/23 and ending the morning of 01/03.  For emails that can wait until after that time, please email registrar@ithaca.edu.