Request for Group/Individual Sign-Ons to Resolution on Indigenous sovereignty

By Patricia Rodriguez, February 15, 2022

Request for Group/Individual Sign-Ons to Resolution on Indigenous sovereignty to be submitted to Ithaca Common Council

To faculty, student, staff groups at Ithaca College: please consider this sign on request.

Gayogo̱hónǫʼ people are facing a struggle that results from the US Federal Government meddling in their sovereign affairs. The Bureau of Indian Affairs recognizes Clint Halftown as the leader of the nation, ignoring their traditional governance structures. With this resolution (coordinated by local organizers who have crafted this resolution in relationship/dialogue with the Gayogo̱hónǫʼ Council of Chiefs) are asking Ithaca Common Council to:

'urge the Department of Interior and Bureau of Indigenous Affairs to immediately cease recognizing Clint Halftown as a representative of the Nation; [and urge] The City of Ithaca to engage with the Gayogo̱nǫʼ Council of Chiefs and Clanmothers in all matters pertaining to the City’s government-to-government relationship with the Nation.'

Resolution Urging the Department of Interior and Bureau of Indian Affairs to Heed Gayogo̱hónǫʼ Removal of Clint Halftown from Representative Role.

To Sign On:      (which also includes the unfootnoted resolution text). We have made it so people can sign as an individual, business, or organization.

Please share about the resolution and the sign-on process as you see fit with other organizations, businesses, and individuals who you think will be receptive to it! Meanwhile we are starting to get in touch with Common Council members to figure out what those conversations will look like... 


-Maddie, organizer on #HalftownMustGo Campaign

The footnotes are connected to the google doc below that you and your organizations can use to expand understanding of the context. (The footnotes and links to context docs will not be part of the final resolution.)… 

Also MORE INFORMATION and Context:

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact patricia rodriguez at or 6072745714. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.