Facilities Update – Summer 2022 Projects and Initiatives

By Michelle Foster, May 3, 2022

(Submitted on behalf of Facilities AVP Timothy Carey)

Campus Community Members:

Each year in May I am pleased to provide the campus community with a list of some of the more significant initiatives and projects that the Facilities Department will be executing during the upcoming summer season.  This year is no exception; accordingly, I encourage you to read on!

I thank you in advance for pardoning the occasional noise, dust, and temporary closures of particular walkways, parking lots and building entrances – these are unfortunate, but necessary byproducts of the activities we are pursuing as we work to improve your campus.

I am proud of the IC Facilities team and on their behalf, I thank you in advance for your patience and support; I also offer best wishes to our students, faculty, and staff for an enjoyable summer season.

Dr. Timothy Carey
Associate Vice President
Office of Facilities

Summer 2022 Facilities Project List

Aesthetic Improvements: The projects in this section have been intentionally selected to enhance the appearance of particular portions of the campus

  • Dillingham Center Exterior Restoration – Ameliorate declining concrete exterior; add color to enhance exterior; replace all exterior stairs with granite; replace concrete walls surrounding the fountains with glass; significantly enhance exterior lighting; add marquees to north (PRW facing) wall
  • Alumni Circle Enhancement – Connect PRW to Visitor Lot via new walkway; replace numerous dead trees; overhaul landscape to beautify this region of the campus
  • Textor Hall Exterior Stair Replacement – Granite stairs to replace crumbling, stained concrete
  • Rejuvenate Centennial Gardens – Restore landscape, repair stream to Turtle Fountain
  • Flagpole (E-Lot) Landscape Restoration and Revitalization (IC Grounds team project)
  • Refresh of Campus Center Exterior – Paint roof, power wash exterior, small landscaping projects
  • Patio Installation at PRW Garden Level (IC Grounds team project)
  • Power Wash Buildings: PRW, Smiddy and School of Business
  • Restripe main roadways and numerous parking lots
  • Pave and Patch select roadways/walkways
  • Gannett Center Exterior – Reseal exterior including windows

Deferred Maintenance: Projects in this section have been selected by the Facilities team due to current inferior condition and accompanying need to ameliorate.

  • Campus Center - Replace Phillips generator
  • Emerson Hall - Indoor lighting replacement (LED’s)
  • Muller Chapel – Fire panel upgrade
  • R.H. Park Hall - Indoor lighting (Phase I)
  • L-Lot Stormwater Project – Replace underground stormwater components
  • Cooling Tower Replacements – Campus Center, Dillingham, and Williams Hall
  • Muller Chapel – Replace AC system
  • HVAC Engineering Studies – Friends, Job, and Muller (these studies will enable projects in future years)
  • Terraces 4 & 10 – Boiler replacements
  • College Circle Apartments – Boiler replacements; annual preventative maintenance projects
  • Exterior Stair Replacement – Replace concrete stairs with granite (CHS to Skyline Drive)
  • Roof Replacement – Whalen Center & Towers Dining Hall
  • Roof Inspection- A detailed roof inspection for every building is planned
  • Rothschild Place – Demolish and remove.  Departments to be relocated as a part of the Space Planning initiative.
  • Residence Halls – Cyclical painting and carpet replacement projects; Eastman Hall kitchen renovation; Terrace 3 Resident Director apartment renovation
  • School of Business – Electrical service upgrade

Projects/Initiatives to be Executed by Facilities Team:

  • Street Light Conversions to LED (an ongoing initiative)
  • Carpet Cleaning in select residential buildings
  • Restorative Cleaning – Examples: deep clean grout; carpet extraction in targeted administrative and academic buildings
  • Window Washing – Upper floors of many buildings will have windows cleaned
  • Building Entrances – Power wash and detail numerous building main entrances
  • Strip and wax hard surface floors in select academic buildings
  • Performance Floor Resurfacing – Fitness Center Wood Floor; Whalen and Dillingham Performance Floors; Wellness Clinic Aerobics Room Floor; Hill Center Gym Floor (Winter Break)
  • Bus Shelter Installation at Park Communications
  • Summer Residence Hall Room Turnover Cleaning – to support the numerous conference and event visitors throughout the summer