Amy O’Dowd to become Associate Dean of Student Services in H&S

By Brendan Murday, May 13, 2022

Amy O’Dowd, currently Assistant Dean of Student Services in the School of Humanities and Sciences, has been promoted to the position of Associate Dean of Student Services for H&S, effective July 1, 2022.

Amy joined the Dean’s Office in October of 2016 as the Academic Services Coordinator, supporting the work of then-Assistant Dean of Student Services Kathy Lucas. She was appointed Assistant Dean following the retirement of Kathy Lucas in April 2018. In her role as Assistant Dean, she supports students from Orientation through Commencement, building their awareness of college policies and practices, assisting them in accessing resources to support their success and timely graduation, and counseling those students who need additional help to recover from academic difficulties. Amy re-started and re-branded the deferred suspension program in H&S, known as Fresh Start, which enables the Dean’s Office to provide individualized guidance to first-year students who have had particularly rocky starts to their college experience. In this capacity, she has played a crucial role in some inspiring student success stories. She works closely with faculty and staff to make sure they have the tools and advice they need to serve the students in their departments.  Amy has served on Staff Council and is an active member of the college’s Retention and Engagement Strategy Team (REST).

The H&S Dean’s Office is delighted that Amy’s remarkable dedication to H&S, and her extraordinary knowledge and experience, is being recognized in the form of this promotion.

Claire Gleitman

Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences

Professor, Department of English