Writing for the Workplace Course, Asynchronous, Second Summer Session!

By Jim Stafford, June 17, 2022

Practice Workplace Writing Skills

WRTG 21100-02.  CRN: 10289

  1. Write for Various Audiences
  2. Write to Persuade
  3. Design Documents
  4. Visualize Data
  5. Write and Design Presentations
  6. Collaborate with Others

Professor Jim Stafford - jstafford@ithaca.edu                                                               

Course Description & Learning Objectives

Basic on-the-job writing is necessary to join, manage, and promote any organization, whether profit or nonprofit. Our focus is primarily on short forms: résumés, memos, business letters, summaries, brochures, flyers, emails, newsletters, press releases, informal proposals, and reports. The course also explores how various social, economic, and ethical issues affect workplace writing.