Information About the Staff Annual Increment Process

By Kirra Franzese, June 26, 2022

Information About the Annual Increment Process for Non-Unionized Staff

As was communicated in the HR Summer Newsletter earlier this month, provisions have been made to award general increments and merit/equity increases to eligible staff employees. An overall 2.5% salary increment pool was approved by the Board of Trustees for the 2022-23 fiscal year, with 2% allocated for across the board increases for those staff whose performance consistently meets expectations. Staff employees meeting expectations will receive an email the last week of June with a link to login to IC HR Cloud to access their annual increment letter, acknowledge receipt of the letter, and have the ability to print the letter if so desired.  General increment increases for staff will be effective July 1, 2022.  Staff employees recently hired and those not meeting expectations are not eligible for the 2% increase and will not receive a letter. Supervisors of employees not meeting expectations should be working with their HR Business Partner and should communicate this information to these employees before the end of the month. 

PLEASE NOTE: For hourly staff employees, the pay period ending July 3, 2022 (to be paid on July 8, 2022), will be calculated as follows. The hourly rate for hours worked June 20th through June 30th will be calculated using the pre-increment rate of pay and the hourly rate for hours worked July 1st through July 3rd will be calculated using the new rate of pay, post-increment.  However, the July 8, 2022 payslip will only display the new rate of pay in the “Base Salary” field. Staff with questions about their payslip should contact their HR Business Partner.

The additional 0.5% merit/equity pool increases for staff employees will be determined by supervisors and departmental leadership during the month of July and will be effective August 16, 2022.  Staff employees will receive a follow up email prior to August 16, 2022, with a link to their merit/equity increase letter. Employees should contact their HR Business Partner if they have any questions.

As always, we thank our staff for all they do and hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer!