Frisch presents on college/community journalism partnerships to New York Press Association

By Brandy Hawley, September 29, 2022

Allison Frisch, assistant professor of journalism, presented her research on Strengthening Community Journalism: College and Community Collaborations at the New York Press Association's fall Board of Directors' Meeting and Publishers' Conference Sept. 24 in Albany, N.Y.  Her talk highlighted the ways college and community journalism collaborations can fill gaps in reporting and community building in regions without relevant local reporting. 

This is especially important research and teaching at this moment, when disinformation roadshows are traveling the country, filling the void where community journalism lacks resources for community building and watchdog reporting. In her investigative, mobile social and innovation courses, Frisch encourages student journalists to return to their communities and build grassroots, independent journalism startups — potentially setting the foundation for the next generation of community-building journalism.