Patricia Zimmermann Presents Invited Lecture at Harvard University

By Karen Armstrong, October 27, 2022

Patricia Zimmermann, Charles A. Dana Professor of Screen Studies and Director, Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, presented an invited lecture and workshop at Harvard University October 22 entitled "The Old and The New: Histories, Platforms, Experiments."

The lecture argued that the new independent media ecologies migrate across platforms in constant states of fluidity, adaptation, and experimentation. These works engage a critical historiography that rejects the linear and the causal for the polyphonic, polyversal, and plural. The lecture showed analog and digital work from the US, Peru, Indonesia, and Ukraine that exemplified the five concepts of the lecture.

She also moderated a post-screening panel at the US Premiere of Anachronic Chronicles: Voyages Inside/Out China, with co-directors Pan Lu and Yu Araki.

Her visit was sponsored by the Revolutions Per Minute Experimental Film Festival and Harvard FAS CAMlab.

Integrating humanistic inquiry with cutting-edge technology and design, CAMlab explores innovative, interdisciplinary ways of showcasing art and culture through immersive installations, exhibition, films, digital publications, and other multimedia forms.

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