Student Leadership Institute (SLI) Sessions Now Posted for Block 3!

By Jess Shapiro, January 26, 2023

Four SLI logos for each path - Leading Self, Leading in a Diverse World, Leading at IC, and Leading Others

Choose Your Own Adventure with SLI in Block 3!

What path do you want to take in your time at IC? The Student Leadership Institute (SLI) is a great way to develop leadership skills in many aspects of your identity. Our four distinct paths offer a variety of options to further explore leadership in a way that fits what you want to learn this block.  We have 64 sessions offered throughout Block 3 - Monday, January 30th thru Friday, March 10th.  If you are not already a member of the SLI organization, please request to join so you can view and RSVP for sessions.

Leading Self: Equips students with the fundamental skills and ideas to grow as leaders, students, and individuals.

Featured Leading Self SLI: Living with Empathy: How an Empathetic Nature Can Improve Your Leadership, Thursday, February 9, 7-8PM

Leading Others: Provides students with practical strategies for leading effectively in groups in the classroom, the home, the workplace, and beyond.

Featured Leading Others SLI: Do We Manage Change, or Does Change Manage Us?Thursday, February 16, 12:10-1PM

Leading in a Diverse World: Enhances students' understanding of other people through the lens of personal identity development, learning about the experiences of people in other identity groups, and exploring various topics related to diversity and social justice.

Featured Leading in a Diverse World SLI: Relationship Spectrum, Monday, March 6, 4-5PM

Leading @ IC: Prepares students to lead within student organizations through workshops that provide useful information and resources as well as help students develop leadership skills!

Featured Leading @ IC SLI: Understanding Your Organization's Finances; Friday, February 3, 12-1PMWednesday, February 8, 7-8PMMonday, February 20, 4-5PM or Tuesday, February 28, 6-7PM

The SLI is open to all IC students, there is no cost to participate, and you may choose to take part in a series of sessions and earn a certificate - or attend any individual session YOU would like! Registration for Block 3 SLIs is now open on IC Engage!  If you are not already a member of the SLI organization, please request to join so you can view and RSVP for sessions.