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By Sandra Ely, February 6, 2023

What's Happening?

Recently, a couple of new updates to our Ithaca.edu platform were launched.

What Was Updated?

Faculty and Staff Listing – You can now add a ‘Specialty’
Faculty and Staff Profiles – A department link can now be added to faculty/staff profiles

How These Changes Affect Your Work

Faculty and Staff Listing allows you to automatically populate a page with a listing of your faculty or staff members. It’s a great way to put a face to a name, and is an upgrade from a static, text-based listing of faculty or staff members.

What Changed?
Previously, each listing displayed the individual’s photo, name, and title. With our new enhancement, listings will display a SPECIALTY as well [if the individual has specified one in the “Personal Info” tab of their web profile].

This new functionality may be especially useful for faculty members who wish to display an area of specialty within their department, for example a music performance professor who specializes in voice. SEE EXAMPLE

The Faculty and Staff Profiles are available for all active IC faculty and staff. They are automatically created with basic information [name, title, dept, email] when an IC Netpass ID is distributed.

What Changed?
People can now easily link to their department website from their personal profile page. 

How To Add a Department Link to a Profile

  1. Go to the profile page [ithaca.edu/(staff or faculty)/(username)]
  2. Click ‘Edit’
  3. Click ‘Personal Info’ Tab
  4. Search for the ‘Department (link)'
  5. Select the department name
  6. Save

This will create a hyperlink for the department portion of the profile’s title line.

Associate Professor, Biology

<< It'll look like this 

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IC Web Team Office Hours are BACK!
With the start of the spring semester, the IC Web Team is bringing back remote office hours. This is the perfect opportunity to get in-person answers to your questions about the Drupal content management system, site architecture, content types, or any other web-related topic!

More Convenient Hours, Easy Booking
In an effort to make this online help even more convenient for our campus partners, we’ll be alternating with one Wednesday and one Thursday each month. You must schedule a 30-minute appointment via our Microsoft Bookings page to attend a session.

Questions? Contact the IC Web Team.