*STILL TIME TO REGISTER* May two-week asynchronous course focused on mobile, social, and web technologies is also an ICC Writing Intensive (WI) and Diversity (DV) class. All students welcome to enroll.

By Devan Rosen, May 8, 2023

EMED 32000 / TVR 32000 May(Summer) session two-week class

TVR 32000: Special Topic: Utopias and Dystopias of Emerging Media (CRN 10137) <cross listed with> EMED 32000: Utopias and Dystopias of Emerging Media (CRN 10042), ICC WI and ICC DV, focuses on how new media (mobile, social, web, etc.) has led to some unanticipated outcomes that affect our personal life experience in both utopic and dystopic ways. We will also focus on how digital media has impacted the construction of individual and group identities, challenged inequality, and given a voice to people and populations that have been systematically marginalized. The 2-week course, running May 15-26, is fully online and asynchronous with no scheduled zoom meetings, so you can complete the work on your own time.

The widespread use of new media has led to the transformation of privacy and the most comprehensive surveillance state that has ever existed. Yet, we are also able to use these new media tools to collaborate and communicate in remarkably positive ways never before possible, catalyzing a social coordination tool for historically marginalized populations. We are currently experiencing the amazingly powerful ways that information technologies can keep us connected, communicating, working, and learning. However, the reliance on these communication technologies is also revealing amplified issues of privacy and corporate responsibility. Course topics include privacy and surveillance, community and collaboration, effects on self and social relationships, copyright, governance, social justice, artificial intelligence, algorithmic bias, virtual and augmented reality, and other topics. Course content is relevant to a wide variety of student interests, including the social and natural sciences, business and economics, legal issues, the humanities, etc.

Course work: discussing thought-provoking questions in the online forum, 2 interesting writing assignments that fulfill the ICC WI and DV, one of which focuses on your own media use, and the other is a topic that you are interested in related to new media. 

All majors and academic levels are welcome to enroll in the May(Summer) Session section of this course; students outside of the TVR/TVDM and Emerging Media majors should use the normal course request process for appropriate overrides. The course will count for the ICC writing intensive (WI) and diversity (DV) requirement for all students, and will also count as a core class for TVR/TVDM (registering up for TVR 32000 CRN 10137), and for the Emerging Media and Screen Cultures majors (registering for EMED 32000 CRN 10042).

Contact Dr. Rosen at drosen@ithaca.edu with any questions regarding course content or override information.