Important Information on Educational Benefits

By Brynn Fielding, June 27, 2023

Ithaca College's educational benefit program consists of three types of benefits.  

  1. Cash Award 

    1. The cash award benefit is for employees with legally dependent children who are under the age of 25 and pursuing their first undergraduate degree at an accredited institution other than Ithaca College. The cash award benefit is in the amount of $500 per semester for a maximum of $4,000 per child. The benefit must be requested on a semester-by-semester basis by the parent. A copy of the billing statement for the semester must accompany the request form for the semester in which the employee is requesting the benefit for.  The $500 payment is sent directly to the college or university in which the child is attending. The deadline for the Fall Semester is August 31 and Spring Semester is December 15

  2. Employee Tuition Remission 

    1. The College offers employees the opportunity to take courses that enhance work performance, promote self-improvement, or provide qualifications for career advancement.  

    2. Tuition remission benefits for undergraduate and graduate courses are available for employees who are benefit eligible and successfully completed the probationary period by the first day of classes. The maximum number of credit hours granted per semester may not exceed 8 per semester. An employee should not be absent from his/her job for more than 3 hours per week. Classes must be scheduled with first consideration for the work demands of the department, and all classes must be approved in advance by the supervisor. 

  3. Dependent Tuition Remission   

    1. Eligible dependents of faculty and staff who have completed one year of benefit-eligible service prior to the semester beginning may be eligible for dependent tuition remission benefits. This benefit covers the dependent’s first undergraduate four-year degree. Tuition remission covers the balance due of the tuition charged for courses taken less any scholarships and/or grants creditable toward the tuition costs. The employee and/or dependent is responsible for all other fees. 

Application Form 

To access the form, click this link to be directed to our website. Once on this page, scroll down to the Employee/Dependent Tuition Remission form, complete the information, and submit the form. Please note the student (dependent) will need to complete the application. Student Financial Services will send a link to the student for completion.  Once the student (dependent) submits the application, the form will be routed through an approval process. The form then will go to the parent, onto Human Resources and then to Student Financial Services. The deadline for all tuition remission applications is June 30.   


Cash Award  

To access the cash award form, click this link. Once on this page, you will scroll down to the Dependent Cash Award form and complete the information for your child/ren and submit the form.  Please note you will need to upload the tuition billing statement for the semester you are submitting the request for. The deadline for the cash award benefit is August 31 for the Fall Semester and December 15 for the Spring Semester.