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Frequently Asked Questions

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The answer you're looking for may be right here. Check out the questions and answers on our FAQ page. Or, e-mail the Intercom moderators at

How Intercom is set up

Using Intercom is pretty straightforward once you understand how it is structured. When you first arrive at the main page, you will see stories down the center, starting with the day's top stories, followed by all previous stories in order from newest to oldest.

In the navigation menu, you will see the menu called "Sections," which lists the categories that the stories of Intercom are assigned to. To view the stories in any given section, select its name from the list. Once in that section, you will see all the stories in that category, listed in order from newest to oldest.

Do I need to log in?

Anyone with an Internet connection can view the Intercom site, so you don't need to log in to browse most of the stories. Log-in with your Netpass username and password is required, however, to contribute or edit stories of your own. 

Searching Intercom

You can use the search box at the top of each page on Intercom to perform a quick search based on keyword. Results include all currently active as well as archived stories.

Contributing stories

As part of the Ithaca College faculty and staff community, you are welcomed and encouraged to submit stories to Intercom; in fact, the primary purpose of Intercom is to provide a way to communicate important campus news to one another.

If you have something to share, click "Add Intercom Post" from the Intercom home page. Please note that, in order to see that link and submit a story, you will need to be logged into the website using your Netpass username and password.

Stories not appropriate for Intercom

Solicitation and advertising of for-profit activities are not appropriate for Intercom. Please do not post stories about items you have for sale or real estate for rent. These stories will be deleted. Additionally, any stories that promote a single political viewpoint, use vulgar language, are nonsensical, or are attacking in any way, will be removed.