Vice Presidents Announce New Office and Staffing


Contributed by Kristine Slaght

Carl Sgrecci, vice president for finance and administration, and Nancy Pringle, vice president and college counsel, are pleased to announce two changes, which became effective on June 1.

Gladys J. Ward, a College staff member of 21 years and formerly the executive assistant to the vice president for finance and administration, has assumed full-time responsibility for risk management and will hold the title of risk manager. She has been transferred to the Office of the College Attorney.

Kristine Slaght, a staff member for 14 years and executive secretary to the vice president for finance and administration, will now devote half of her time in that role and the other half working for risk management.

The College announced in May the merger, also effective June 1, of the Office of the Treasurer with the Office of Business and Administrative Affairs, both headed by Sgrecci. Ward and Slaght will remain in 325 Job Hall, which is now the Office of Risk Management and can continue to be reached at 274-3285.

   More specifics: Office of Risk Management

Contributed by Kristine Slaght