New NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative


Contributed by Suzanne Smith

President Williams is pleased to announce that Wenmouth Williams, professor of television and radio in the Roy H. Park School of Communications, has been selected as the next NCAA faculty athletics representative for Ithaca College.

Wenmouth Williams replaces Henry Neubert, professor of music, who has served for the past four years as the Ithaca College FAR. Ithaca College is grateful to Professor Neubert for his many contributions and dedication to our athletic program and student athletes throughout that period of time.

For your information, the NCAA formerly recognizes four individuals from each of its member institutions:

The NCAA defines the faculty athletics representative as a member of the institution's faculty who is designated by the institution's chief executive officer to represent the athletics department, the College, and its faculty in the institution's relationship with the NCAA and the Empire 8 Conference. The duties of the FAR include working with the staff in athletics on programs to benefit our student athletes, including compliance and eligibility processing. The FAR also assists in the monitoring of student athlete academic performance, ensures that academic services are available to student athletes, assists with inquiries into alleged or suspected NCAA rules violations, and represents the athletics program in faculty meetings and communicating any athletics-related activities and concerns to Faculty Council.

President Williams was extremely pleased by the number of faculty members who expressed an interest in this position and looks forward to working with Wenmouth Williams to continue to make the Ithaca College athletics program one of the most outstanding Division III programs in the country.

Contributed by Brian McAree