Adult CPR/AED Recertification


Contributed by Kathy Farley

The AED committee will offer the adult CPR/AED recertification challenge on Thursday, March 11, 2:00-3:00 p.m. and 3:00-4:00 p.m. in Hill 53. There are only 10 spots available in each time slot; the fee is $3.00.

We will be offering additional challenges in the future but no dates have been set up.

What is a Challenge?

The Adult CPR/AED challenge offers you the opportunity to update your CPR/AED certifications without completing the course. It is intended as an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills and be evaluated. It is not an instructor-led practice or coaching session. All responsibility for preparedness rests with you! You will first be required to take the written exam. Only one chance is given and you must score 80% or higher on each component or you will not proceed to the practical exam. The following is a list of practical skill requirements for each challenge:

If you should fail the challenge for any reason, but still possess a current certification, you may enroll in another challenge at a later date. If your certification has expired, you will have to take the full course.

Please post this message for personnel without internet access.

E-mail to register for the challenge class or call 274-3294 if you have any questions.

Contributed by Kathy Farley