Make Your Idea a Reality! Consider Hosting Your Professional Meeting, Conference, or Event on Campus


Contributed by David Prunty

Ithaca College departments, faculty, staff, and students are in the position to host local, regional, and national conferences on campus. Ithaca College community members are also encouraged to consider entrepreneurial ideas that could bring value to the institution.

When Ithaca College serves as the host location for an event, or college community members work to create a new entrepreneurial endeavor, the following benefits are possible:

Potential students and important others (parents, counselors, teachers, etc.) are exposed to Ithaca College, either directly, though program attendance, or indirectly when people return home and talk about the institution.

Ithaca College receives positive exposure through local, regional, and national event coverage.

Revenue is generated for the institution’s bottom line budget through housing, meals, and other fees.

When possible, revenue is returned to the Ithaca College department or unit hosting the conference, event, or program; such revenue is used for faculty and staff development, scholarships, and other appropriate costs.

Ithaca College contributes to the economic development of Tompkins County when visitors stay in local hotels, eat in local restaurants, and shop in the community.

Faculty, staff, and student organizations can be reluctant to consider hosting a conference or workshop on campus due to uncertainty regarding what steps are involved and what services are available.

The Offices of Conference and Event Services and Graduate and Professional Studies are available to deliver and consult on the following services to faculty and staff and student organizations who want to create new programs or bring organizations and groups to campus:

Creative Services

Event Services

Food and Housing Services

Administrative Services

Examples of events that have been brought to campus or held on campus by faculty, staff, and student groups include:

Local, Regional, and National Professional Seminars and Conferences

Certificate and Professional Programs

Personal Enrichment Programs and Activities

In addition, we've also hosted summer sport and recreational camps as well as drive-in conferences and programs.

If you are interested in volunteering to host a national, state, regional, or local professional conference on campus, or if you have any new entrepreneurial program, camp, or event ideas, please contact either the Office of Conference and Event Services or Graduate and Professional Studies. A representative will then arrange an exploratory meeting with you to determine how to make your idea a reality.

Office of Conference and Event Services

Office of Graduate and Professional Studies