Hunting Season - Precautions on Ithaca College Natural Lands


Contributed by Richard Couture

Hunting season starts this Saturday, November 19 and ends Sunday December 11. Please note the following for this time period


Hunting is not allowed on any college-owned property, however, the Ithaca College Natural Lands (ICNL) Committee would still like to caution the campus community about using the natural lands during hunting season. The two Newfield reserves are closed to all persons, including students, faculty, and staff, as of Saturday Nov 19th.

South Hill Natural Area remains open, but users should take precautions - wear bright colors and avoid colors that blend in, avoid walking in the natural lands at dawn, avoid going out alone, and stick to the trails whenever possible. 

If evidence of hunting is found on the natural lands, including tree stands, shotgun shells, or unlabeled game cameras, contact the Office of Public Safety immediately. 

If you have any question, please contact us at