Reminder: Weight Watchers At Work Open House Continues Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Contributed by Christine Haase

Happy New Year, everyone! And away we go....

Open House and Temporary Room Change

It's a new year, a new Weight Watchers PointsPlus 2012 program, and a new way to join the At Work meetings at Ithaca College. Please refer to our Intercom announcement dated 12/21/2011 for all the information and join us on the 10th to find out what all the excitement is about.

Please note that this Open House meeting will be held in Job 161. We will still need an on-going minimum quota of 20 paid meeting participants per section to keep a section open.

Scales List Server

Subscribe to our list server called Scales for news and information about our At Work meetings that may not necessarily be found here in Intercom. There is no obligation to join the meetings. Please download the "Using Majordomo" quick guide for instructions, or contact Chris Haase at for assistance.

The Dr. Oz Show in Partnership with Weight Watchers

Stay tuned to Intercom and Scales for another opportunity to jump on this bandwagon. What bandwagon? Visit Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You website to learn more. You can also tune in to "The Dr. Oz Show" on Tuesday, January 10th (coincidence?) to hear all about Jennifer Hudson's Weight-Loss Secrets. The times and channels for the Ithaca viewing area:

4:00pm on WSYR • 9
4:00pm on WSYR • 889 HD
9:00pm on WSYR2 • 890 HD

Happy New Year! Our At Work members have dropped more than 200 pounds total during the last 12 weeks. Weight Watchers works--you just have to believe!