Sakai Project Sites are for Everyone!


Contributed by Sharon M. Beltaine

All students, staff members, and faculty members at Ithaca College can build project sites in Sakai! Please join us in ITS as we launch our newest training topic in the TLC: "Sakai Project Sites for Everyone." Training sessions on building Sakai project sites begin this week! Click the link below to register online instantly.

Sakai Project Sites for Everyone

Sakai is the primary online collaboration and learning environment at Ithaca College. Sakai "project sites" allow any staff member, student, or faculty member to create a Sakai site (and any Sakai tools desired within that site) that is not tied to a Homer enrollment roster  or a particular semester (unlike "course sites"). Site owners add their project site participants manually, and sites are available continuously. Participants may include both IC and non-IC community members. Project sites can be used for a variety of online information-sharing purposes such as collaboration, organization, presentation, and learning. Examples of project sites include:

ITS offers computing workshops every week on a variety of topics in the Technology Learning Center (101 Friends Hall) at no charge to all faculty, staff, and students. To see the current list of all topics offered, go to To register for any workshop instantly using our online training calendar,  go to

Support for Persons with Disabilities: The ITS Technology Learning Center (TLC) in room 101 Friends Hall is accessible by wheelchair and includes a workstation that can be raised or lowered for optimal computer access. Support for visual and hearing impairments is also available. Individuals with disabilities who would like accommodations during training or consulting sessions are encouraged to contact Sharon Beltaine to make arrangements in advance (phone: 274-1045, email: