Photobook by Nick Muellner named "Best of 2011" by Time


Contributed by Melissa Gattine

Time magazine has included a book by Nicolas Muellner, an associate professor in the Department of Cinema, Photography, and Media Arts, on a list of the best photobooks of 2011. Published last October by A-Jump Books, The Amnesia Pavilions depicts Muellner’s return trip to a small city in Eastern Siberia after a 17-year absence.

The list was compiled by the photo editors at Time and a group of photographers and photography experts from around the world.

A combination of textual and visual autobiography, The Amnesia Pavilions details Muellner’s 2009 visit to Ulan-Ude, where he attempts to find an old friend who has disappeared. Guided by the extensive photographic and written material produced on his earlier journeys, as well as reflective chronicling of his futile retracings, the book considers the impossibility of tracking down and understanding one’s former self.

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