Have You Switched to Microsoft Outlook for Email Yet?


Contributed by Karen Compton

Last month ITS announced that Outlook 2010 for Windows and Outlook 2011 for Macintosh are now supported for email. ITS is strongly encouraging all faculty and staff members, especially those who use Oracle Calendar, to begin using Outlook for email as soon as possible.

ITS is currently planning for the switch from Oracle Calendar to Outlook Calendar, which is tentatively scheduled to take place over the winter break. All Oracle Calendar data will be migrated to Outlook Calendar over break, and all users will begin using Outlook to manage their calendar as soon as they return from break. ITS recommends that users transition to Outlook as soon as possible in order to become familiar with the email portion of Outlook. However, anyone who uses Oracle Calendar should not use the calendar functions of Outlook until after break.

Important Notes:

Outlook Transition Guides 

Note that Microsoft Outlook is a powerful and sophisticated email and calendaring tool with many advanced features. ITS has only documented the basic configuration steps along with some information specifically for transitioning from Thunderbird and Apple Mail to Outlook. For clear and detailed instructions about the myriad features available within Outlook, click the circle with the "?" mark in the menu bar to access the help files.

More details about the transition to Outlook Calendar will be posted over the next few weeks.

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