Contributed by Marian Brown

As of today (Wednesday, November 21), the day before Thanksgiving, 215 members of our Ithaca College community have gathered together to help our campus United Way campaign achieve 79% of our goal; we currently stand at $51,520. It is very impressive that 21% of our donors are giving to the United Way for the first time, and we have even received $1,815 in contributions from College retirees still living in the area! This is a great show of College-wide support, but all of the contributions received to date have come from less than 13% of our campus community. Don’t be the “odd man out” – please do your part and help Ithaca College meet our campus fundraising goal before the end of November.

Find that United Way pledge envelope in your workspace, open it and review your options for supporting the United Way this year, and please send in your donation. A gift of any amount is appreciated. If you have misplaced your pledge packet and need to receive a new one, just email Marian Brown to request one.

We received an update yesterday that the countywide United Way campaign has achieved 58% of its overall $2,155,000 goal. Let’s pull together to finish out our part of this fundraising campaign this month.

As we all sit down this week to Thanksgiving feasts with friends and loved ones, please give a thought to the folks in need in our community who might only be enjoying a nutritious meal on Thursday because of the hunger and food security support that the United Way gives to congregate meal programs like Loaves and Fishes of Tompkins County, and to area food pantries like the Kitchen Cupboard Food Pantry in Dryden, the Food Pantry at Southside Community Center, and the food pantries in Groton and Ulysses.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for giving! Now, please pass the gravy…