Children in Conflict: Colombia


Contributed by Ayla Ferrone

Military groups in Colombia are using children in their struggle for power. See the conflict through the eyes of the children it so deeply affects.

Civil war in Colombia has continues for more than forty years. The army, paramilitary groups, guerilla groups are in a massive power struggle that has been, and continues to be, detrimental to civilian life. Children are not spared from this. Not only have they been witnesses of severe violence, but many have chosen have been forced to become involved in armed groups. Thus perpetuating this cycle of violence. In the last fifteen years more than one million children have lost their homes and an estimated 14.000 child soldiers have been recruited by the various armed groups.

Our objective is to provide an environment for people to become witnesses of the influence the conflict has on children.

Date: Monday, December 10

Time: 6 p.m.

Where: Friends 207


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