Track winter game, gain winter survival skills and learn outdoor lore…and for credit!


Contributed by Carol Hansen

The Environmental Studies and Sciences Department is offering a repeat of last year's awesome Winter Sentinels course that you shouldn't miss if you want to make Ithaca in winter a pleasure rather than something to be endured!

Jason Hamilton's 3-credit Winter Session course, ENVS 210, will take you outside to experience the winter world with all your different senses, and help you gain an appreciation for the plants, mammals, birds, ecological indicators, and natural hazards to be found in the Finger Lakes. This year we'll focus on tracking, medicinal plants and fire. Class will meet - mostly OUTSIDE! - Monday thru Friday from 10 am to 3 pm, January 7 to 18. Open to all IC students. One more student is needed in order to run the course, so please contact Jason Hamilton at for more information, and come explore the winter woods!