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Summer Lab Printing Updates!

Contributed by Beth Rugg on 05/13/14 

Throughout this summer, ITS will continue to work on implementing the print management solution in the student labs. This effort supports the sustainability goals of the college. Lab and Library users will begin to see changes starting next week!

Here's the plan - ITS will be switching print management software from GoPrint to PaperCut, setting student print allowances and running pilots in Friends 110 and the Library over the summer: 

  • On Monday May 19th, GoPrint will be turned off in the Library and all public labs. Students will still be able to print without needing to authenticate.
  • ITS plans to enable PaperCut software in the Friends 110 lab beginning Tuesday, May 27th and in the Library the week of June 2nd. The print experience will change slightly; lab consultants and library staff will be available to help.
  • Students will be given a $5.00 summer allowance for printing needs.
  • For the summer, students will not be charged if they exceed this allowance. 
  • Summer allowances will end on August 10th. On August 11th, the fall allowance of $10 (142 duplex prints) will begin and pay-for-print for additional prints beyond the allowance will become available.

This software will be installed in other student labs as part of the regular summer software upgrade process. ITS will be working with directly with Lab Coordinators for scheduling, training and support needs. 

This plan is a work in progress and may change. Thank you for your support and flexibility.

ITS Helpdesk
102 Job Hall

Summer Lab Printing Updates! | 8 Comments |
The following comments are the opinions of the individuals who posted them. They do not necessarily represent the position of Intercom or Ithaca College, and the editors reserve the right to monitor and delete comments that violate College policies.
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Summer Lab Printing Updates! Comment from pyoung1 on 05/17/14
The $10 allowance seems low, particularly since the college is suggesting that teachers upload materials to Sakai and ask students to print them on their own. Not to mention students who are in multiple writing intensive classes, or for majors which are being required to print multiple copies of each document for not only the teacher, but also for the students to reference and for their collaborators.

I hope that the college is planning on monitoring this semesters usage and will be reevaluating the practicality of these limits going into the Spring semester. In the mean time, I hope everyone who may be affected by this will make their voices heard.
Summer Lab Printing Updates! Comment from iwiese1 on 05/17/14
This seems rather low in any regard. If it equates to 142
pages, any student in at least 1 writing intensive course a
semester is going to be spending a lot of money. Music majors
will be in real trouble, as we require a lot of printing of
scores and parts and copies of these things for accompanists.
Music Composition majors, such as myself, are even worse off,
as scores and parts printed through the library will eat up
the 142 duplex page limit rather fast. Please reconsider
charging students for copies in the library. We can't spend
much more money.
Summer Lab Printing Updates! Comment from sbranca1 on 05/17/14
10$ allowance for next semester? This is BEYOND dumb. The reason I have to
print things is because a PROFESSOR wants me to. This past semester, in one of
my classes, we had to print out our study guides which we used for homework.
You had to print them out - there was no way around it. I think I printed 70
pages, double sided, for just one unit,..... That's about half of my allowance, used
up in one unit (there were 3 units for that class altogether) in one class. That
means my allowance would have been used up (and gone over) in once class
alone. Multiply that times 5? This is just typical.
Summer Lab Printing Updates! Comment from rpolloc1 on 05/17/14
Excuse my french, but this is actually a load of shit. We're pumping thousands of
dollars into an A&E center that doesn't work, giving Rochon a fat raise, and yet,
we have to pay for printing. IC keeps attempting to come up with "new ways" to
cut costs - closing the Rochester center and the TC Lounge AND raising tuition,
yet we still are expected to pay for printing - especially those who already have
been printing for free for the last three years. I, for one am outraged, and it
upsets me that more people aren't.
Summer Lab Printing Updates! Comment from sbevet1 on 05/17/14
This seems very unfair, especially for students who attended the college with
the knowledge that they would have free printing all four years. Students print
things because the professor's require us to, and the average student will go
over the $10 budget in a matter of weeks. This gives us no choice but to pay for
printing, and many of us do not have the extra money to do that. IC already
took away TC Lounge and the Rochester Program, please at the very least let us
keep our printing.
Summer Lab Printing Updates! Comment from mdeniso1 on 05/17/14
$5 for summer printing; you only have one hundred pages. For any
Occupational Therapy major who is taking anatomy here in the summer
that is not even going to come close to the number of pages we will print. A
single lecture is easily 10 pages if you print the slides out 3 per page. That
means $5 will cover 10 lectures, which considering the classes meet 4 days
a week, will cover about 2 and a half weeks. That doesn't include printing
any homework assignments, any pictures to study, diagrams or charts. For
any science major, free printing is really important, and I know we are not
the only major that requires a lot of printing. Please consider the fact that
IC prides itself on hosting a variety of majors suited to a diverse array of
students with all different types of learning styles. Some students enjoy
taking notes directly into their computers, however there are still many
students who are learn best when they can write their notes and label their
diagrams by hand.
Summer Lab Printing Updates! Comment from sfrier1 on 05/20/14
I personally think the limit is too low for the printing. I am a music student and
printing out music can be many pages. If one piece is about nine pages long and
it cannot be double-sided for sake of reading it on a stand than that is already a
lot of the limit and that is only one piece. I do not think there should be a charge
for printing but if there has to be then the limit should be higher.
Summer Lab Printing Updates! Comment from gjohnso2 on 05/21/14
While I understand the intention, the college is directly contradicting itself by
instituting this policy. Every professor is being encouraged to publish class notes,
handouts, syllabi, and most other class materials online for the students to print
out. For a single class I printed out easily close to 200 pages, double sided. While
I am usually the last to scream "conspiracy" this honestly just comes off as the
school attempting to save money by placing more costs on the students. Costs
which were already allotted to our tuition dollars.