Provost re-titles existing positions to, Associate Provost for Student Life, and Associate Provost for Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement


Contributed by Karen Emnett

Provost Petrosino is pleased to announce the implementation of the next step in the structural merger of academic affairs with student affairs and campus life into the educational affairs model that began fall 2012.  

Effective May 1, 2015, two leaders within the student life arena will be named as Associate Provosts to align their current positions with the integrated educational affairs model.  The educational affairs model realizes that curricular and co-curricular learning come together to constitute the holistic educational experience for our students

Rory Rothman, Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Life will convert his title to Associate Provost for Student Life while continuing to have responsibilities for departments and programs related to student affairs and campus life.  Rothman will continue to hold the post as the lead administrator for student affairs.

Roger Richardson, Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs/Dean for First Year Experience will convert his title to Associate Provost for Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement.  This position is the lead college administrator responsible for programs and issues important to diversity, inclusion and student-centered engagement programs and initiatives.  

Both Rothman and Richardson will retain their current portfolio of responsibilities with the addition of related offices/functions reporting into the positions.

It is a pleasure to continue to work with Rothman and Richardson within the educational affairs model developed to strengthen the integrated educational student experience.