Study & Watch The Simpsons for an Online Summer Session course, (ICC Designation).


Contributed by Christopher House

Have you ever wondered about the religiosity of Ned Flanders, the feminist sensibilities of Lisa Simpson, and the national identity of Apu Nahaspeemapetilon?  

Are these animated characters, among others, really sites of struggle among political, economic, and social forces?

Register today for Communication, Culture and Rhetoric offered online during Summer Session I (June 1- July 2) and learn how analyzing these questions and more can lead to a better understanding of popular culture and how it can affect one’s sense of self.

This web/online course investigates the rhetorical dimensions of the longest-running sitcom in America, The Simpsons. Students will learn how signs and symbols influence us through a process called rhetoric.

As they become ‘Simpsonologists’, students will watch and examine various episodes paying special attention to the ways in which The Simpsons functions as both rhetorical satire—how it serves as corrective comedy to issues such as consumerism, nationality, sexuality, inequality and political dysfunction. 

Fulfills: GE 1: Self & Society, (ICC) - Humanities, Humanities, Liberal Arts, Theme: Identities 

Register on Homerconnect under Summer 2021: Comm, Culture, & Rhetoric - 10026- CMST 12000 - 01

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