NVivo QDA Software Available


Contributed by Jenna Linskens

NVivo qualitative data analysis software is now available on the computers located in the Data Analytics Lab, Friends 102, for faculty, staff and students who need to complete research projects.  

Faculty who wish to reserve the lab for instruction can do so using 25 Live or working with the Registrar’s office. This lab is available for instruction Monday-Friday until 1:00 pm, or by special request. It is open for student use 1:00pm - 10:00pm Monday-Friday. There are 25 computers available as well as an Instructor computer connected to a Clear Touch screen.  

Faculty wishing to access NVivo from a campus issued computer can contact Dr. Jenna Linskens, Associate Director for Teaching and Learning, at jlinskens@ithaca.edu or office phone (607)274-1590, to discuss a temporary license key.