Reason #8 to take an ITHACA course this summer...


Contributed by Jennifer Wofford

Reason #8...More than 60 online courses offered on your schedule.

Ithaca College summer sessions offers courses that are fully online and asynchronous - which means there's no scheduled meeting time. This makes summer sessions courses easier for you to complete alongside a summer job, travel, or other commitments you have while not studying on campus full-time.

Use Ithaca College summer sessions to...

     MAKE ROOM for other experiences at IC like internships, study abroad, another minor, or study at the London Center.

     CATCH UP on your progress with the ICC.

     FOCUS on a requirement that might be more challenging during the fall or spring when you have a full credit load. 

Summer tuition is more affordable, with a new 30% discount rate automatically applicable to undergraduate courses.  

Find your summer session classes now on HomerConnect.  

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