Campus Center Will Open for Normal Operations on Monday


Contributed by News

All areas of the Campus Center will be open on Monday, February 11, for normal operations, including the IC Square food court and Emerson Suites. Independent inspections and analyses conducted by two separate engineering firms have determined that all portions of the building are structurally sound, and that the damage that occurred during a concert Saturday evening was only cosmetic in nature. That cosmetic repair work was completed on Sunday.

At the concert in Emerson Suites, a number of audience members began dancing by jumping in unison. The movement resulted in some visible flexing of the floor and corresponding flexing of the ceiling in the IC Square food court one level below. Some sheet rock in the IC Square ceiling also cracked, and small pieces of it fell to the floor.

Campus Center management and the Office of Public Safety worked with the performing artist to bring a stop to the jumping, and the show ended safely. No one was hurt, and both rooms were safely cleared with no injuries reported.

Out of an abundance of caution, the college closed Emerson Suites and IC Square on Sunday. Independent engineers were brought in to conduct a structural assessment, and the Office of Facilities made repairs to the IC Square ceiling. All areas of the Campus Center have now been cleared for regular operations.

There were several events scheduled for the Campus Center on Sunday, and the college worked with the sponsors to make alternative arrangements as needed.