Time to Review Your PTA Balances


Contributed by Katie Sack

The Office of Human Resources would like to remind benefit eligible staff that now is a great time to review your Paid Time Away(PTA) balances in Parnassus Employee Self Service. Reviewing balances now, allows time to plan to use vacation time before new accruals are granted on June 1st.

To see your balances, log into Parnassus:

Self Service Time - Create Timecard - and click on "Show PTA Balances"

The most that an employee will see in their vacation balance is the maximum allowed per our current PTA policy (maximum balances at the start of a fiscal year may not exceed one and a half time the annual accrual). Vacation is intended to provide time off for rest and relaxation, therefore employees may not receive pay instead of taking vacation time.

All vacation time must be approved by the supervisor and scheduled at the mutual convenience of the department and the employee.

Personal leave does not accumulate, therefore, any hours not used in a fiscal year are forfeited. Enjoy your time!

If you have further questions please email benefits@ithaca.edu.