IT Service Desk / fixIT shop Alternate Entrance, Monday, 5/20


Contributed by Karen Compton

As part of the recently-announced summer construction work, the IT Service Desk main entrance doors will be blocked off all day on Monday, 5/20.

Visitors to the Service Desk, fixIT shop, or other IT areas on the first floor of Job Hall will need to use an alternate entrance. In the hallway outside the Service Desk that leads to Dillingham, please use the double black doors on the left side of the hall. These doors are locked by default, so please use the temporary doorbell which will be prominently marked. 

Beginning Tuesday, 5/21, we expect that at least one of the two Service Desk main doors will be accessible.

Also remember, during the construction, visitors to IT will not be able to use the Muller-Textor-Friends-Job corridor for most of the summer. The recommended entrance is the Job Hall lakeside-facing doors between PRW and the Business School.

Service Desk
104 Job Hall