Take a Creative Arts (Inquiry, Imagination, and Innovation) Writing Class online this summer!


Contributed by Jerry Mirskin

 Flash Fiction & Non-fiction: Writing 29601, crn#: 10065 satisfies ICC: Creative Arts and Theme: Inquiry, Imagination , Innovation.



 This writing course explores the theory and practice of new genres that combine the characteristics and techniques of poetry and fiction, sometimes called "Sudden Fictions," "Flash Fiction," "Short-shorts," or "Concise Literary Non-Fiction. The course resembles a traditional creative writing workshop in terms of including analysis of the genre as well as regular writing practice and development of a final portfolio of original writing. 



The main goals of the class are threefold: 

1)Develop/improve creative writing skills.
2) Develop an understanding of, and mastery in, the “Flash” form.
3) Develop/strengthen strategies for drafting, organizing and revising.