SUMMER ONLINE COURSE -- Learn Effective Argument Strategies


Contributed by Rachel Fomalhaut

This summer, learn to persuade others to your point of view on the issues that matter to you most! Argument is a 3-credit, entirely online 5-week course. 


WRTG 20100: Argument 

Many Americans today are frustrated by our deepening polarization as a country, and our seemingly growing inability to discuss vital issues productively and respectfully. This course will offer you concrete skills for creating and engaging in productive discourse about the issues that are important to you and to the communities you are a part of.

Improve your writing, analysis, and logical synthesis skills as we focus on a variety of forms that arguments take across multiple media, including visual media. This course is particularly recommended for students who wish to strengthen their ability to present their point of view persuasively, intelligently, and ethically. 

Counts as a prerequisite for many upper level courses!

Questions? Email Instructor Rachel Fomalhaut at