Gathering Info on Peer-to-Peer Programs


Contributed by Jess Shapiro

The Engagement and Connection Committee, formed by the Office of Case Management, is working on gathering information about peer-to-peer programs across campus.

Our goal is to create a resource webpage for Ithaca College students listing various programs and also potentially create a networking/collaboration group for the folks overseeing these programs.  If you work with a program that would be a good fit for this resource, please complete this survey by Friday, June 14th at 12pm. Thank you to those who have already submitted information.  Feel free to reach out to Dr. Sasha Lerner ( or Jess Shapiro ( with any questions.

We are defining peer-to-peer programs as follows:

Peer-to-peer programs consist of IC students serving in a paraprofessional capacity to provide a service to other IC students.  The paraprofessional students require some sort of specific training to perform their roles and there are standards and expectations in place for their performance.  The program should have a relational/relationship-building component and work toward the ultimate goal of student success.  This could be overall student success or success in a particular area (i.e. academic, career, leadership, etc.).