Professor Leigh Ann Vaughn (Psychology) Contributed to Improvement of Science Projects at a Conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, July 7-9, 2019


Contributed by Leigh Ann Vaughn

The Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS) Annual Conference is an action-oriented meeting that serves to improve psychological science. Products of past SIPS conferences can be found here: This is the fourth year of the conference and the fourth time Professor Vaughn has attended.

There currently are no other conferences like this in psychology. Instead of sessions where attendees sit and listen to talks, the emphasis is hands-on work, and attendees get to work immediately. This year, topics related to open access, statistics, methods, teaching/training, theory building, and community. Professor Vaughn contributed to sessions on topics including open sampling, preregistration, statistical power analysis, tracking adoption of open science practices, teaching open science methods, and improving conference poster design.

Attendees of SIPS 2020 mainly included scientists in psychology and statistics, but also included scientists in biology, computer science, engineering, and other fields.