H&S Faculty present at the 2019 International Congress on the Enlightenment / Congrès international sur les Lumières


Contributed by Pearl Ponce

Vivian Bruce Conger (History), Jennifer Germann (Art History), and Katherine Kittredge (English) presented papers at the University of Edinburgh. 

Three Ithaca College faculty members from the School of Humanities and Sciences participated in the week-long International Congress on the Enlightenment / Congrès international sur les Lumières sponsored by the University of Edinburgh, from 14–19 July 2019. A main aim of ISECS is to "foster exchanges, contacts and meetings between eighteenth-century specialists of all countries." This year, over 1600 participants met in Edinburgh - the largest gathering in the 56-year history of the congress. The theme of this year's congress was "Enlightenment Identities."

Professor Vivian Bruce Conger and Associate Professor Jennifer Germann presented on the panel "Women in Forgotten Archives of the Eighteenth Century." 

Prof. Conger's talk was "Forgotten Labor: Deborah Franklin and Sally Franklin Bache in the Eighteenth-Century World of Commerce."  

Prof. Germann presented on "Hidden Figures in the Metropole: Black British Women in Eighteenth Century Portraiture."  She also chaired the panel "Gendering Bodily and Medical Knowledge in Eighteenth-Century France." 

Professor Katherine Kittredge's talk was called "Having Beauty, Losing Beauty: The Case of Melesina Trench," on the panel "Perceptions of Variability."