Swipe Out Hunger Needs 200 More Swipes!


Contributed by Austin Reid

Now in its second year on campus, Swipe Out Hunger has collected over 600 guest swipe donations for use by IC students facing food insecurity over the past week. More donations are needed, however and you can help in under one minute!

If you are a student on a meal plan which includes guest swipes, you can scan the image which is linked to this article in order to request that one of your three guest meal swipes each semester be contributed to a bank for eligible students to draw from. The process is easy, quick, and offers a way for you to make a real impact in our campus community! 

You can also utilize the link below to fill out the donation form online.


If you are an Ithaca College student who is interested in learning more about how to utilize the Swipe Out Hunger program please contact sfs@ithaca.edu

Thank you for your support!