Announcing the Provost’s Task Force on ICC Revision


Contributed by Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Provost’s Office is convening The Provost’s Task Force on ICC Revision to advance the development of the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC). Following an extensive program review in 2018-2019 and follow-up meetings and data collection from stakeholders in Spring 2019, a Task Force will be charged with continuing the work of prioritizing, researching, and proposing revisions to the ICC.

The membership of the Task Force will include the following members of our campus community: 


Additional opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to engage in the process—via subcommittees focused on particular revisions—will be available in the coming weeks. Please be on the lookout for invitations to self-nominate and to express particular interest areas if you would like to be considered for involvement in further developing our ICC.

The Task Force’s charge will expire in December 2020, and we anticipate that all proposed revisions to the program would be approved and fully ready to implement no later than Fall 2021. (Note: The detailed charge, process, and timelines may be found here.)

Recommendations from the Task Force will be informed by broad and transparent consultation with representative bodies of the campus prior to submission to the Committee on College-wide Requirements (CCR).

CCR will consult with Schools’ curriculum committees regarding proposed revisions and will subject any proposals for major revisions to a vote of the all-College faculty. Minor revisions may be voted upon in CCR after consultation and input from curriculum committees.

Proposals affirmed by CCR directly or by CCR via an all-College faculty vote will be forwarded to APC for further processing, according to procedure.

In the coming weeks, the Task Force will identify ways for members of our campus community to follow and learn about the Task Force's work, to submit feedback and ideas, and to get involved. Please keep an eye on Intercom for these opportunities. 

Thank you in advance to those of you who will take this opportunity to contribute to our next-generation ICC.