IC at the Johnson Muesum of Art - Saturday, October 26th


Contributed by Rachel Gould

Submitted on behalf of Tanya Saunders, Assistant Provost

The Ithaca College campus community is cordially invited to visit the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University on Saturday, October 26th beginning at 10am. The Johnson will be offering an exhibition and evening activities that bring international and global issues to the forefront of our consciousness.  Admission is Free!!

10am to 5pm how the light gets in is an exhibit about “the movement of people across the globe and the welcome cracks that develop in our notions of borders.”

5pm to 7pm: Citations Needed podcast recording; Adam Johnson and Nima Shirazi will host a live recording of Citations Needed, a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, with special guest Cornell Professor Shannon Gleeson (Labor Relations, Law, and History) to discuss the ideology of open borders.

7pm to 9pm: Global traditional music by Journey West

You may travel to Cornell on your own or join a group!

Assistant Provost Tanya Saunders notes that the exhibition offers Ithaca College students the opportunity to “augment their critical thinking skills and global awareness,” as expressed in the College’s strategic plan, while “engaging one of the most challenging problems our world faces today.” She thanks Prof. Patti Capaldi, Dr. Kati Lustyik, Mr. Hierald Osorto, and Dr. Andrew Utterson for making possible the inaugural ‘IC Day at the Johnson Museum of Art.’

Saturday, October 26th, a good day to visit the Johnson Museum of Art, see the exhibit, and take part in the global conversation about the movement of people across borders. (For more information, please contact Dr. Kati Lustyik, Resident Fellow, Center for Faculty Development, at klustyik@ithaca.edu).

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Tanya Saunders at tsaunders@ithaca.edu or (607) 274-3306. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.