Learn Legal and Public Policy Writing for WI Credit


Contributed by Anthony DiRenzo

Learn legal and public policy writing for Writing Intensive (WI) credit next semester in Writing for the Professions (WRTG-31100, CRN 43162).

This advanced professional writing course, offered at 10:50 AM Tuesday-Thursday in Smiddy 109, teaches ethics and argumentation within various institutional contexts. It is ideal, therefore, for students seeking careers in corporate communications; grassroots activism; government and law; investigative journalism and documentary film-making; management and marketing; medical, educational, and nonprofit administration; political and environmental lobbying; public policy and public relations; social work and human services. The course also prepares undergraduates for the rigors of graduate school.

Students produce such specialized documents as policy and mission statements, position papers, dossiers, legal research memos, briefs, and long reports. Bridging the public and private sectors, these assignments teach young professionals how to define issues, propose changes, judge actions, and promote values within their chosen field. Besides tackling case studies from within their own profession, students debate peers from other professions about controversies involving business, government, law, and medicine.

For more information, read the course syllabus at:

Course prerequisites: Junior standing (sophomores welcome with permission of instructor); any one of the following: WRTG 20100, 21100, or 21300; or three courses in ANTH, CMST, CSR, ECON, ENVS, GBUS, HLTH, INTB, JOUR, LEGST, MKTG, POLT, PSYCH, SOCI, STCM, or WGST. The alternative prerequisites allow easy access to students who are not Writing majors and minors. Should you experience problems enrolling online, contact Dr. Anthony Di Renzo at 274-3614 or direnzo@ithaca.edu.

Writing for the Professions will not be offered again until Spring 2022, so please take advantage of this opportunity.