Last call for Ithaca Seminars for Fall 2020 (deadline December 6, 2019)


Contributed by Andrew Utterson

Planning for the fall 2020 lineup of Ithaca Seminars is already underway and all new and returning instructors are warmly invited to express their interest in teaching.

The Ithaca Seminars are 4-credit, liberal arts, interdisciplinary, small-class first-year seminars offered in the fall semester of each academic year.

Approximately 75 Seminars are offered each fall, taught by instructors from across the College and each of its Schools. 

Each Ithaca Seminar combines a unique topical academic focus (chosen by the instructor) with additional support of the academic and social transition from high school to higher education. The Seminars welcome each and every new student to Ithaca College and the aspirations of a college experience.

Ithaca Seminars have a long history at Ithaca College, where they were first taught in 2005.

Expressions of intent are solicited now to allow for course proposals, scheduling, development opportunities, etc. in the spring.

To express your intent to teach, please use this online form:

Further details of the Ithaca Seminars can be found at the Ithaca College website:

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Ithaca Seminars Coordinator, Dr. Andrew Utterson (